The Church that Feeds People

Pentecost service


The Rev. Anna Maria Korathu: Needy of Jesus

Year B, Proper 8

Mark 5:21-43

The Rev. Anna Maria reflects on the Gospel and Jesus coming to the shore in a boat and seeing a crowd of people. During her sermon she talked about the two kinds of people in the crowd that surrounded Jesus.

There are people that are curious and people that are needy, wanting and desperate. For the later group Jesus was the last resort. The woman in the Gospel was one of these people. She needed Jesus to heal her and he delivered.

Today we still have the two groups. There are those that need to be healed and those that are curious. We flux between the two. Sometimes we are curious about whom Jesus is and sometimes we are needy of what he can give.

Anna Maria reminds us that it is okay to be needy of Jesus love and she reminds us to wake up and think “This is the day the lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it, even when it rains.”

She asks us to come to shore as disciples and help the curious find their way and love those that are needy of love. We are called as brothers and sisters of a family of faith to do more. Do something good for somebody else and witness the joy that it brings them.


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  1. Sr. Ann Case says:

    How wonderful to hear Anna Maria’s voice! Just discovered this part of the church’s web site. Could someone please give Anna Maria my love? The three-hour time difference between us makes telephoning difficult. I think of her and the rest of the Paracletians often.
    Sr. Ann Case, Gainesville, Florida

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