2015 Mutual Ministry Review

150514_vestry_01Last Saturday, the St. Dunstan’s Vestry went through a Mutual Ministry Review where we discussed the goals that were set for 2014 and evaluated our level of success at achieving them. For those of you who may not remember them, below is a brief excerpt from our discussion.

2014 Goals and Reflection

  1. Design & implement a newcomer’s ministry with a gathering or event by January 31, 2015.
    • No gathering or event happened.
    • We have gifts for visitors (bags of candy with a card and flier), and rector sends a card in mail when they fill out a visitor’s card and give their address.
    • No classes for non-Episcopalians.
  2. Investigate composting meals by December 31, 2014.
    • Investigated last year and built by April of this year.
    • 3 cans filled in one month.
    • What do we do with the compost when it finishes being created?
    • Can we compost by sending our food waste to a facility as is done in Seattle with curbside pickup of food and compostable materials?
  3. Continue developing Community Dinners and start Faith Community Nursing by March 2015.
    • Community Dinner has grown in scope and is feeding an average of 100 people a week.
    • We have experienced low attendance of the people that help setup, cook, and cleanup in recent weeks.
    • Faith Community Nursing surveys were done last year and were both interesting and helpful. Due to illness, the project was put on hold but should be able to start up again this summer.

150514_vestry_02After the 2014 review our new work then was to establish new goals for 2015. Our discussion centered on community engagement both from within our St. Dunstan’s faith community and for our ministry to the larger community. The Vestry will be devoting a portion of each of our future meetings to the development and accomplishment of these goals. We look forward to your ideas, feedback and prayers as we move forward.

2015 Goals

  1. Develop an orientation program for both new and existing members to introduce people to Episcopal worship, the Episcopal Church, and enrich the experience of St. Dunstan’s Church members.
  2. Transform the Community Dinner into “The Community’s Dinner.” Invite and encourage people who enjoy the dinner to participate in all aspects, from setup to cooking to cleaning up. This is envisioned as a way to continue our outreach to our neighbors by fully including them.
  3. Develop Adult Christian Formation on Sunday Mornings at 9:00AM.
    • Move 8:00AM Service to St. Dunstan’s Church to allow the Rev. David Marshall to teach at 9:00AM between services.
    • Create a new service at least monthly at the Henry Chapel to maintain our connection to our historical worship space.

Long Term Goal: Develop a physical plant vision and plan for the future.

Yours in Christ,

Teresa Hugel
Senior Warden

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