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And the hits just keep coming!

141002_vestry_01Fall is always a busy time for everyone! This month has seen the installation of much needed new furnaces. I’ll let Chris Johns tell you more about that at a later time.

I loved the Harvest dinner last Friday night—now that was a great party and a wonderful fundraiser for St. Agnes.

141002_vestry_02You know Pam McCoy, one our greeters? Tonight she was surprised with a new wheelchair provided by  St Agnes. Every time I see Pam in her new chair I will think of all the fun we had at the Harvest Dinner and marvel at how it meant the Guild could get the new wheelchair for Pam.

141002_vestry_03It is also time for our annual Pledge Campaign. You will hear more about that next week. Put Sunday, October 12th on your calendars. We plan to have a potluck lunch that day. Bring your favorite salad, casserole, and/or dessert, and copies of your recipe! That way when someone asks for it, you will be ready!

Or just pick up something at Safeway—we know those are always good!

The Music Discernment Committee is up and running, collecting your hopes and dreams.

Sunday is the Blessing of the Animals! Can’t wait! It is one of my favorite Sundays of the year. I confess that time someone brought the snake, I got a few shivers, but bring all your creatures, great and small!

I am writing this just after the Community Dinner this week. We served 81 meals tonight at St. D’s. Not sure how many at Tent City3, but probably close to 100. Wow! If you haven’t come to one of the Community Dinners, you should come! The food is wonderful and the fellowship is even better!

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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