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Last week St. Agnes voted to provide for a re-working of the area where the couches are. Tuesday morning, Joan Baker came armed to the teeth with Murphy’s Oil Soap, lemon oil furniture polish, and an assortment of sponges and rags. After our staff meeting, Joan rolled up her sleeves, put on her rubber gloves and set about cleaning the bookcase, coffee table, end tables, the long dining table, the fireplace and the table out in the foyer. After everything was cleaned, Joan got rags and the polish and everything began to glow!

140213_vestry_01In the process, we moved things around. We pulled the credenza, with the angel that was in the far corner, over beside the bookcase. The angel has a new home, by the door. She needed to be in a place of honor! We moved the St Agnes tiles over and re-arranged the couches. The Wednesday morning Bible Study did a “beta” test on the new couch arrangement and gave it a thumbs up. There will be a few more small changes/additions in the coming days.

140213_vestry_02Thank you Joan Baker! Also thanks to Harvey Lazelle and Allan Tynes for helping with this little project. (Yep, got my husband back in the church!) Mary Pacher and Dixie Buol made some great suggestions as well!

Our church is part of the Westminster neighborhood. Wednesday evening, I attended a joint meeting for Westminster and Highland Terrace neighborhood associations. Our Shoreline Mayor, Shari Winstead, reported and fielded questions on concerns. There were several familiar faces there — Paul Holt and a group from Tent City 3. Afterward I was approached by two of our neighbors who expressed their gratitude for the presence of TC3 which has made the Interurban Trail is much safer. The TC3 campers may not have wings, but our neighbors regard the campers as angels in our neighborhood!

The other angels among us are the members of St. Agnes. We have lost three beloved members of our church in the last month. Providing memorial receptions for these families is such an important ministry of St. Dunstan’s. Thanks be to God for you — angels all.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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