Embracing Our Community

Tent City 3
EmbracingCommunityOWe have had some neighborhood complaints about Tent City 3 and have developed a Liaison Team of myself (Teresa Hugel) and Michael Harrington. We are both formally trained in conflict management and it seemed to be a good idea to have a man and a woman on the team. We are meeting with the leaders of Tent City 3 and SHARE/WHEEL to discuss the challenges that have come up, and will also be meeting with the Shoreline Police Department. It is very important that our handling of neighborhood complaints have a process. Michael and I will meet with any neighbors who have complaints and will keep information and names in confidence. If members of the congregation hear complaints, please ask them to call the office (206-363-4319) and schedule an appointment for us through Jonathan.

We will not respond to anonymous complaints where we are not given a chance to hear specifics directly. We will start to call the Shoreline Police Department and will advise any neighbors who observe illegal activity to also call the police and report it.

At the same time, it is VERY important for both Tent City 3 and our church to support the success of the encampment. We will do everything we can to make sure that Tent City 3 is following their camp rules, and we will address issues as they come up so as to keep a smoothly running relationship.

There are some definite kinks in the system regarding the Tuesday night Community Dinner. The last two weeks our Community Dinner has been overwhelmed. We are working on a solution for everyone. I will keep you posted.

Liturgical Art Group
We will hold our next meeting on Saturday, June 27th.

New Program Starting for Community Engagement
We are planning to have a booth at the Shoreline Farmers Market for our St. Dunstan’s Programs four Saturdays this summer. I am working on getting a canopy and making a table cover with our name on it right now. I will need some help with setting up and taking down the booth 9:00AM and 3:00PM on the Saturdays we will be assigned. Does anyone want to help with the display boards? Please email me at teresa@TLHugel.com.

Yours in Christ,

Teresa Hugel
Senior Warden

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