Giving Thanks

151119_vestryDear Friends in Christ:

So many good things have been happening for our St. Dunstan’s Community:

  1. Our 2016 Stewardship Campaign has been very successful. We are on target to have a solid and realistic budget for next year, AND we will be able to pay our full assessment to the Diocese. There are still a few of you who have not turned in your pledge cards. So I ask you to please get them in as soon as possible so we can begin to prepare the budget for 2016.
  2. Our Office Administrator, Jonathan Hanneman, is being considered for postulancy by the Bishop.
  3. St. Agnes Guild’s Canterbury Faire was an incredible success.
  4. Advent begins November 29th and will usher in the Christmas season.

I am so thankful for all of you and am grateful I found St. Dunstan’s as my new faith community. God bless you all for your generosity of spirit and your commitment to our church!


Teresa Hugel
Senior Warden

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