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Our chefs: the families Carosiello
and Anderson

We know how to throw a great party! This week St Agnes celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a wonderful Italian dinner, sparkling decorations and music!

Lu Gardiner, Ann-Patrice Riccardo, Joan Mackie and other St Agnes members spent the day decorating the parish hall in purple, gold and green.

140306_vestry_02Courtney, Trish, Tre and Italo Carosiello, along with Mary and Randy Anderson, were our chefs.

Look closely at this picture, there is Lu Gardiner and several others singing their hearts out with our accordion player.

There was a lot of singing!

Below are some shots of the merry makers!


Tent City 3 provided security for the parking lot last night. It was a great evening, such fun, but what struck me was the thoughtfulness for the security patrol out in the rain—all through the evening, various folks asked me, “Does our TC3 security detail need coffee? Did you get them dinner? Are they OK out there?”

That is true hospitality.

Yes, we got coffee, appetizers and dinner to our two campers, Jon and Melinda. Not only did they keep the parking lot safe, they helped folks in wheelchairs and walkers in and out of their cars.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this fundraiser for St Agnes a success. The proceeds will go to those that St Agnes contributes to each year, such as New Horizons, a shelter for women and children who have had to flee their homes due to abuse. You will hear more about this wonderful organization later.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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