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2014 02 19 A place at the tableIt is Wednesday night and I have just come home from the church. Tonight twenty-three folks came to see the film A Place at the Table. Only a few of them were from St. Dunstan’s. All these folks came because they saw a notice in the Shoreline Area News, and thereby hangs my tale.

The day Tent City moved in, there was a guy taking pictures for a write up in the Shoreline News. Later Liz Hinkofer emailed a link to his article, and I discovered the Shoreline News for the first time. Now fast forward to the St. Agnes meeting a couple weeks ago. Joan Mackie told us about the film. The St. Agnes members have big hearts, and hungry kids are topic we got excited about. I offered to see if the Shoreline News would put in a blurb about the showing. Sent an email with fingers crossed. They did!

So, twenty-three people, many of whom have never crossed our threshold before, came tonight because we are hosting Tent City 3. God does work in mysterious ways!

By the way, you will be hearing more about those hungry kids soon.

On another topic, you know that metal coat rack? I have heard lots of complaints along the line of, “Yeah, we need it, but it is so ugly!”

clm-coat-rackI found this online at a school and church furniture supplier. We would need two, three foot shelves. They would have to be mounted on the wall, side by side, in the space where the current rack stands. Each shelf is 36” wide, which would give us a little more hanging space than the current rack. So with shipping and installation my best guess this little project would cost $400.

These shelves come in Mahogany and Cherry finishes. Current thinking is cherry would look better in the Guild Hall. My hope is that someone makes a donation for this—sure would make our space look better.

I am glad to write about a couple things that make me glad because we have had a lot of sadness in the last few weeks. Saturday at 4:00 we will honor the life of Steph Ross. I hope you will come to say farewell to this sweet singer with such a great spirit who lived among us.

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