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Seems like I have spent many articles on the kitchen!

When Harvey Lazelle accepted the job as Kitchen Coordinator, the first thing he requested was an inventory. This past Monday, Joan Mackie and I spent a few hours counting, counting, and counting! We have a lot of equipment, utensils, dishes, etc. Joan brought me the Due Diligence Inventory that was done back in 2006. That was helpful!

I finished the counting today, after the Eucharist. I feel so grateful that, over the years, others have gifted our kitchen with so many wonderful things. Do you know I found 7 ice cream scoops?  We also have several wine bottle openers (no surprise there!) and tons of other utensils. I have never seen a church kitchen so prepared to do the ministry we are now doing.

Last week was the special Thanksgiving Feast at the Community Dinner. We served 154 dinners at the church and another 100 at Tent City 3 and the United We Stand Camps. Yikes!

What we need now is better work flow, especially for cleanup. Wednesday afternoon Harvey and Chris Johns spent time doing just that. Look at the pictures below. One of the left is before: First is Mary Sasinowski peeling potatoes. Above her head is the sprayer we use to clean dishes before they go in the dishwasher.

On the right is a view of the kitchen Wednesday afternoon. The upper cabinet in the background is now gone. When I left the guys were moving the sprayer to the double sinks on the other end.  Now, dirty dishes will be brought into the kitchen, sprayed, loaded into the dishwasher and pulled out clean on the side closest to where we store them.

141204_vestry1  IMG4278

In addition to the over 200+ we are serving on Tuesday night, we serve 75-100 people during coffee hour on Sunday. That is close to 300 that are being served out of our kitchen each week! Gulp! Yet the miracle is, the kitchen is built for just that. Thanks be to God!

But all the equipment in the world does not make a ministry—folks like Mary Sasinowski, peeling potatoes for hours last week, that’s how our feeding ministry gets done. BTW, those cream potatoes for the Turkey Feast were delicious! Thank you, Mary!

As Harvey works with the various groups that use the kitchen, other changes will be made. None of these require a lot of investment, mostly what is required is looking with new eyes so that we can do the ministry that we are called to do.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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