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Moving Day!

140313_vestry_01Some days stuff gets done! Today was one of those days.

Do you remember those benches in the picture? They used to be seating for clergy. Back in the 1990s, when Jeanette Michel heard we were doing the kneelers, she offered to help. Needle point was her passion! She did these beautiful covers and had the benches custom made.

This morning, Dixie Buol and I moved the benches to the foyer. The benches were tucked away, hidden under dust covers. They are very comfortable, offering tall, secure seating by our front door.

Most of you know about a Fire Inspection done on February 27th. We got a bad report card. They gave us thirty days to clean up our act.  Chris Johns, our Junior Warden, has been doing a number of chores to resolve issues on the inspection. We need to replace all our exit signs with one with battery backup. And—clear out the pews from the furnace room. Take a look at Fr David’s article to see the “before” picture.

What to do with those pews?

We emailed the Diocese and got the word we should think of listing the pews on Craigslist and eBay. Because of the short time frame, they suggested storing them outside on pallets, covered with tarps. Ugh!

Harvey Lazelle and I did a walk through downstairs and figured out how to store the pews inside. This morning I talked with Tom Keefer, who graciously allowed us to move the modesty screens (formerly used by the choir) to the workshop. Tom expressed his concern for fire safety and supports moving the unused pews on to their “next life.”

140313_vestry_02This afternoon, Tent City 3 sent six campers, and they got the job done!  Now look at the furnace room! Thanks be to God!

We hope to find a good home for those pews.  If no other door opens, we may offer them to woodworkers who would use the oak to make beautiful things.

Now, there is another “day” in our future—“Dump Day.” While Tent City is with us we have free manual labor available.  Before they leave, we want load up a truck and make a trip to the Shoreline Recycling & Transfer Station.  This is when we will remove “stuff” that has literally stacked up that we no longer use. Back in our former home of Memphis, there is a saying, “Elvis has left the building!” Our “Elvis” is our stuff and on Dump Day it will be leaving to make space for new things.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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