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140626_vestryLast night we hosted the meeting of the Westminster Triangle Neighborhood. Thirty-five folks attended and enjoyed pizza and chips and dips. I mention the food because afterward one of the leaders said, “I think some of the folks came for the food!”

Now doesn’t that sound familiar?

The guest panel was composed of Chief of Shoreline Police, Shawn Ledford, Shoreline Parks Director, Dick Deal, and a Seattle City Light arborist (whose name I cannot remember!). There was a lively discussion about issues about the Interurban Trail. Our neighbors have had the same issues we have—illegal campers, drug use, and tree trimming (both for and against!).

At the end of the meeting I got to talk about our Community Dinner. There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm. We had a couple sign up to volunteer! Rosie O’Brien-Ochs, one of the City of Shoreline neighborhood coordinators, continues to be very interested and supportive of this dinner and wants to be included in our planning.

When the meeting was over, everyone pitched in to put the chairs back in their places and help me clean up. The meeting started at 6:30PM and it was near 10:00PM when I left. So many wonderful conversations were happening inside and out. Many expressed their appreciation for St. Dunstan’s hosting the meeting and how wonderful and welcoming our space is.

Community Dinner Update: I have done some cost checking for the additional equipment for the kitchen. Looks like it will be about $500. If you would like to donate towards those purchases, please make checks to St. Dunstan’s and make a note “to Feeding Ministry.”

As of last night, we have a dozen volunteers that have signed up! We have not yet set a start date, but will let you know as plans firm up.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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