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New Year & New Opportunities

new_5413cOn behalf of the Vestry, I want to wish all of you the best in 2014. We have had a wonderful year in 2013, and it would not have been possible without all the support of our whole congregation.

My year as Sr. Warden is winding quickly to a close. I have been blessed to work with a wonderful Vestry.  Each person serving has their own gifts, and this group comes together to manage the business of our church with caring and respect. I cannot thank them all enough.

Our church has accomplished more than I could have imagined this past year. Our kitchen has a new hood and fire suppression system. Our treasurer has made our financial reporting more accurate and timely. We are reaching more people through our Care Teams and Pastoral Care efforts. Our youth completed their first ever mission trip, and the Sunday school has grown. The sanctuary can better accommodate wheel chairs. Our Tent City feeding ministry is now providing meals every week, and it looks like we will be hosting the camp for 90 days starting on January 4.

While achieved a lot last year, New Years is a time to look forward. There will be a new Vestry, and I am excited to think about all they can do next. We have worked to keep our focus on Stewardship, and I know that will continue. Please keep supporting St. Dunstan’s as we work together to grow in our faith and to grow our church.

Next year we know that we need to turn our focus outward. The way we move forward will depend on the resources we have available. Our treasurer is currently working on next year’s budget, and we are still hoping to receive additional pledges.

At our community meeting on hosting Tent City 3, attendees came because they were interested in finding out more about Tent City and because they wanted to find ways they could help. We want to support our neighbors, and they in turn want to support our work. I can only imagine good things to come from getting to know them better.

Our Diocese is also encouraging us to seek input from our communities. In the next weeks they will be asking us for assistance with a survey of our neighbors to help discern what direction our church should take next. This survey is called “Outside Church Walls.”

Building relationships in our community will help St. Dunstans grow. We have the promise of a really great year in 2014, and I feel it has started already through reaching out and meeting more of those who live around us.

Happy New Year,
Elizabeth Hinkofer

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