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Our Junior Warden, Chris Johns

140904_vestryDo you know Chris? He recently retired from Boeing, where he worked as a Thermal Engineer.  He retired (back in June) on a Friday, and the following Wednesday he and I worked to clean/reorganize the small tool room behind the kitchen and the garage/workshop. And he hasn’t stopped!

I asked him recently if he feels retired yet and he said, “I plan to take a day off and read soon.”

He dove into the re-lamping project with Harvey Lazelle and then went right into getting the research and bids on replacing the furnaces. In between he has done all manner of small projects that needed doing, like reorganizing the table shed to make room for the new freezer. Chris always makes sure that we have the correct power (you know all that volts/amps/watts stuff) for what we are doing. Sure is handy having a thermal engineer as Junior Warden! This week the new furnace is getting installed. Thanks be to God! No worries about coming into a cold church this winter!

He helped hang the new art display, installed a diaper changing table in the upstairs women’s bathroom, installed new soap foam dispensers, painted the mens’ bathroom, and the list goes on and on.

Oh and in keeping the St D’s culture of involvement (yeah, that small church culture where we all where multiple hats!), he is also a Lay Eucharist Minister and Visitor, a Community Dinner volunteer, one of the drivers for Pam McCoy, and one of our counters for the offerings on Sunday.

Next time you see Chris, take a moment to say hello and thank him for doing such a terrific job!

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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  1. Dennis Beals says:

    Well said Karen and certainly well deserved!

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