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Pay It Forward & Tent City 3

The last couple of weeks have seen many of us concerned for Tent City 3. Here is an excerpt from Scott Morrow of SHARE about their new camp.

“The move was successful. Because this site is smaller than Haller Lake United Methodist Church we have stored away a good number of bulky things off site.

The new location is a good one; flat, grassy, near bus lines and stores. Green Lake Park’s Public Showers are just several blocks away, which compensates for the lack of our own shower here.

The police responded promptly to our presence. We alerted them to our move by…Email Request for Service (tracking number 14-00127611) soon after moving. They have been friendly, professional and told us they were passing on their reports to your office.

Most importantly, the neighbors have been overwhelmingly understanding and receptive. Many have come by with words of encouragement, homemade food like a terrific black beans and rice dish, and supplies.

On Sunday we hand delivered [a] flier to the neighborhood around the camp. Some of us went to the Leaves of Remembrance Dedication outside of University Temple United Methodist Church, paying our respects to the homeless men and women being remembered there.”

141016_vestry_01Josef and Liz Hinkofer  and Danielle Williams took sandwiches during the move last Saturday and then Sunday morning came very early and made a hot breakfast for them and took it to the camp.

If you have seen the news you know that their troubles are not over, so please continue to pray for them. In January, they will be moving to Seattle University.

BTW, the Vestry Executive Committee granted them permission to store those bulky items on the edge of our back parking lot.

The trucks came Monday afternoon. Harvey Lazelle, Chris Johns, and I met them and supervised the unloading. They brought the shower trailer Tuesday, and Fr. David asked them to rearrange some of the pallets so there would be plenty of parking available.

141016_vestry_02After the trucks left on Monday, Harvey, Dennis and Chris had another project—putting new mulch on the path down to the Columbarium. I just want to say these men pay it forward all the time with their maintenance of our campus. When you see these three together…stuff is happening!

BTW, we served 91 at the Community Dinner this week, and we are averaging over $100 per week in donations. This congregation continually amazes me with both your pragmatic compassion and generosity. God’s grace flows through you and out into the world.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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