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Re-Lamping St. Dunstan’s

ltbulb1cRemember that fire inspection? Well, that ill wind has blown us some good, thanks to the diligence and hard work of Harvey LaZelle. Harvey took the inspectors report and went down to the Fire Station to talk with him. The Inspector told Harvey, “People don’t usually do this!”

140508_vestry_01During the course of their conversation, the Inspector told Harvey about a program offered by Seattle City Light—which would subsidize the cost of the new exit signs. From that conversation, Harvey had discussion with City Light, and now we plan to DO IT ALL!

In the next few weeks lights, both inside and outside, will be replaced with LEDs at a cost of $15,231.45, of which City Light will rebate $11,713.02 and the church expense will be the remainder of $3.518.43.

So, what are we getting for $3,518.43?

  1. All nine of the exit lights will be replaced with the required “exit light/emergency light” with battery backup.
  2. All incandescent and florescent tube lights will be replaced with LED lights and fixtures. In the case of florescent tube fixtures, they will be retrofitted to accept LED tube lights while fixtures like the chandeliers will require only replacement LED bulbs. The halogen spotlights in the Sanctuary will also be replaced with LED’s. As per City Light, any light fixtures containing compact florescent lights (CFL) will not be not be changed out with LED’s, which includes the hanging lights in the sanctuary.
  3. The parking lot lights will be changed out for LED lights of equal or more lumens (brightness). Some of the local gas stations have this type of bright white lights that give enough illumination for a person to read a book in their parking lot. Another example is the new street lights that City Light has been installing.
  4. The estimated yearly savings on St. Dunstan’s light bill is maybe as much as $5,178.00.

140508_vestry_02All of this has required a lot of time and effort on the part of Harvey and Dennis Beals. So the next time you see these guys, give them a pat on the back!

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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