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Back in 2010, we have just moved here from Memphis, TN. I first visited St. Dunstan’s one Sunday in August. After the service, I stood outside, looked at beautiful campus, and wondered if I could make it down the path. I was on a cane and had a bad knee at the time. Peggy Broderick came up to me and said, “Have you seen our garden?”

“Not yet.”

Peggy said, “Give me a minute. I have to do something first. I’ll be right back.”

Peggy returned with Dean Ellis, and with a little help, they took me down to the Columbarium.

We three had a great time talking about plants, gardening, and birds. I didn’t know it then, but I had just been welcomed by St. Agnes.

My next Sunday was in mid-September, one of them invited to the next guild meeting. In that October meeting they were planning for a Memorial Reception. I volunteered to bring cookies and help – had no idea what I was in for. The memorial was a cold, rainy fall afternoon. The fire was lit, the tables laid out with trays of cookies and other treats. The silver service for coffee and decaf, and tea was ready.

140807_vestry_01  140807_vestry_02

Dixie Buol, Lu Gardiner, Dean Ellis and others moved quietly with gracious smiles through the afternoon, taking care of the table and our guests. The service was for a retired school teacher, much loved, and I thought her former students might never leave! I was serving the coffee and tea and heard over and over again how much these folks appreciated the reception.

That afternoon sums up my experience with St. Agnes. I can truly say I was a stranger, and they took me in. I found dear friends within the guild, women of great heart, mind, and spirit who work so hard to care for others. Their fundraising efforts support a number of groups—the homeless, wives and children of prisoners, seafarers, and others. But above all, it is a group that supports one another through good times and bad, who love each other and pray for each other, our church, and the world around us.

St Agnes meets on the first Friday of every month. All are welcome! Come join us!

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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