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141030_vestryWe have all seen the yellow ribbons worn to support our military, but the troops I’m mean are our fellow church members who show up all the time to make things happen.

Tuesday afternoon, the tables had to be set up for the dinner and the place settings put out. That night we served 91 at the Community Dinner and 100 at Tent City 3 and the United We Stand home camps. Whenever I went through the kitchen yesterday, the meal prep crew was literally up to their elbows in fruits and vegetables. Madeline Sego, Neil and Mary Sasinowski, Danielle Williams, Josef Hinkofer, John Grasso, and some others whose names escape me at the moment, were all deep in their various tasks, laughing and talking as they worked.

Other volunteers came later and are part of the cleanup crew: Paul Holt, Phyliss Collingwood, Rich and Karen Williams, and Liz Hinkofer work just as hard putting everything away and getting things cleaned up. John Grasso, who is our sexton, also donates several hours each week to dinner prep.

Later that night, after dinner, Liz was downstairs, getting the Book Room ready for the Canterbury Faire this Saturday. Wednesday, Dennis Beals, Harvey Lazelle and Chris Johns were moving furniture and setting tables under the able direction of Joan Mackie. I worked at arranging Room 3 for the Faire Coffee Bar while Dean Ellis and her daughters were working in Room 2 getting ready for the Faire.

Friday St. Agnes moves into the kitchen to prepare the soups for the lunches at the Faire. Ann Patrice Riccardo, Lu Gardnier, and Dixie Buol will be chopping veggies, etc., for the Mulligatawny soup. The kitchen freezer is now full of baked goods for the Faire. Last month a crew worked to fill 50 bean soup mix jars to sell at the Faire. Dixie Buol also has put in several hours getting the wonderful little recipe books ready, and there is a small army of folks baking cookies and breads and making candy.

See what I mean about our troops?

And if the meals for the homeless, the Community Dinner, and the Canterbury Faire were not enough, some idiot (yes, that was me!) thought it would be great to have a brunch this Sunday to celebrate All Saints’ and the Pledge Campaign Ingathering. So most of the folks I have named earlier will be at it again until late Saturday, cleaning and putting up after the Faire and then getting ready for the brunch on Sunday. And just to say, that means Josef and Liz Hinkofer will be getting to church at 6:00AM Sunday morning!

Thanks be to God for our troops. I close with this prayer written by our own Br. John Ryan, O.C.P.

Beloved God – You have given this Congregation the Grace and Gifts of caring for others and our world around us. These ministries, feeding the hungry, the work of St. Agnes Guild and St. Mary’s Guild, the education and inspiration of our children and youth, these things are Your work; You have called us to carry them out in Your Holy Name. Give us the grace of Vision, to go where You are calling us, and with freedom of heart to follow the call. Wherever we are commissioned to travel, give each of us the courage to be the Living Gospel of Jesus Christ; this we ask in His Name, Amen.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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