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First, we had the follow-up Fire Inspection and were commended on how much we had done. Harvey Lazelle is working with Seattle City Light to upgrade the exit signs and our outdoor lighting. City Light will pay for about 80% of that cost.

Second: Whoo-Hooo! March saw the completion of our Kitchen Project! The last piece, connecting the new Fire Suppression system in the kitchen to our central fire alarm was done and inspected. We are D-O-N-E!

140410_vestry_01Third: Tent City 3 has moved to Riverton Park United Methodist in Tukwila. Sunday morning a group of the campers were doing the final clean up, including using a magnetic roller to pick up any stray nails.

And that brings me to the title of the article – Thanksgiving. Our congregation has supported all this work with your labor and your treasure.

I give thanks for that compassion and hard work. Over and over again, you jumped in to help with the fire inspection jobs; you were so patient with the kitchen work that often interfered with things; and last weekend on moving day, you came to help the campers pack up. Now I want to share another example of the compassion of this church. Rosemary Garnett, a new member, was at the St Agnes Guild meeting and heard about our prayer shawls. She suggested that we give one to the young woman who survived the mudslide. I will let her tell you about that visit:


“This is to report to you on my visit to Harborview to meet with Amanda Skorjanc, a survivor of the Oso mud tragedy, and deliver to her the very beautiful St. Agnes Guild Prayer Shawl.

“The day I chose to go was last Friday, April 4, the afternoon of our last St. Agnes Guild meeting. When I arrived, Amanda was in surgery on her foot, which was successful, plus they discovered another fracture in her leg that they repaired. She was still in ICU recovering.

“The people I visited with were Amanda’s sister, her mother and father, and her grandmother, who were all in the waiting area anticipating her arrival back in her room after leaving ICU. I also met her boyfriend,the father of baby Duke, and his brother. We had a very good visit.

“While I was there enjoying my visit with the family, the Governor and his entourage showed up for a visit. I had the pleasure of meeting him and telling him how very impressed I was that he would take his time to visit the hospital. He was extremely nice…and he is extremely tall. He seemed to know of St. Dunstan’s.

“Amanda’s sister told me of Amanda’s mud slide experience: Amanda was sitting at her computer with Baby Duke in her lap. She looked up and saw the mud approaching through the window. Her sister told me that Amanda folded her body around that of her baby son and hung on for dear life, for that it was. Amanda was pretty badly banged up with broken bones, torn ligaments, etc. Baby Duke received a blow on the head, which was the only mark on him, and not a very big mark at that.

“Theirs was the only family to survive intact, including their wonderful dog. Duke’s father was running errands in Arlington at the time of this tragedy. They have lost everything, their home and all of their belongings, but praise God, all of their lives were saved.

“Just as Amanda was returning to her room from ICU the clock was at 4:00 PM, the time for quiet at Harborview. I knew it would be best for me to leave the shawl with Amanda’s grandmother to give to her,and return another day for an in person visit.

“Baby Duke is at Children’s Hospital. His brain is still swollen and his eyesight is questionable. Doctors are hopeful that when the swelling goes down in his brain his eyesight will improve. Let’s all pray for that to happen…’God in your mercy.’

Rosemary Garnett”

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