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A single string is weak, but a thousand strings together, or a hundred thousand strings together, or a million strings together can create a rope that can’t be broken. If each of us is a strand of consciousness, constantly striving to grow…how we can grow and make this world better, then we can create a rope so strong that it can pull us—and the rest of humanity—out of the darkness that we are now experiencing.

150129_vestryAs I was accepting the job of Senior Warden, David said, “Your main job this year is getting a Community Dinner started.”

My first reaction was, “What! Are you kidding? How can we do that?”

Well, here we are averaging 100+ dinners a week in addition to the 100+ at Tent City 3 and the United We Stand Camp. Honestly, I didn’t “do” anything other than send out some emails and make some trips to Cash & Carry. Who did the work was the army of volunteers who come in every Tuesday, and you, who donated our start-up funds and whose weekly donations have made this a self-sustaining program.

Then remember that Fire Inspector? We had barely a month to clear out under the stairway and the, gulp, furnace room. We did it and passed, but it took lots of helping hands including some from Tent City 3. Me? Sent some emails, met some Craigslist buyers, and moved a few little things out into the hall.

The Bell Choir moved into Room 10. What did I actually do? Uh, made a phone call and met a Craigslist buyer. Karin Rogers and her choir did all the moving.

Joan Mackie has been a strong worker/supporter in all the work in Room 9. What had been basically a storage room for years is now our beautiful Chapel of the Spirit, thanks to the Order of the Paracletians donating their altar and other furnishings.

Joan also lent a hand when we reorganized our financial records in Room 1. The last two weeks we have been clearing the old bookcases and shelves out there, preparing to make this our Archive and Acolyte Room. John Grasso helped as well.

Oh and don’t forget the audit. Could not have done that without Joan Mackie!

This is not all, but just an example of how we do things at St. Dunstan’s—by coming together, by working together, worshiping together, and supporting the work with our time and treasure.

It has been a great year!  Thanks be to God for you all!

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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