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Today is Lisa’s last day as our office administrator, and behalf of the Vestry I want to wish her all the best. She is moving on to be with her family so her departure is for happy reasons, and we are glad for that. Lisa has always been a cheerful presence and willing to learn new skills and to take on new projects while only working part time hours. We want to thank Lisa for her service and all her efforts, and hope we can stay in touch.

Transitions like this can always be a bit sad, as it can be easier to focus on our own loss rather than the opportunities that will come to light. Lisa is moving to Alaska to be with her family and I know this next chapter in her life will be a beautiful one.

Lisa’s departure will mean there will be change for all of us. My own relationship with Lisa has largely been over e-mail. Working full time, I don’t think I have ever been to church during weekday office hours. However, even with the coldness of electronic communication, Lisa’s warm personality and helpful spirit has always come through.

There are plans in place to keep the office running after Lisa leaves us. We are very fortunate to have Jonathan Hanneman willing to fill the role in the interim. Jonathan had already been volunteering in the office and is familiar with some of the regular routine. This change will be a next chapter for us as it will be for Lisa.

This coming week as we prepare for “Invitation Sunday” and consider our Stewardship theme “Tell Your Story, Write Our Next Chapter,” please keep Lisa and her family in our hearts. Join us and bring your friends for beautiful worship and fellowship as we enjoy a meal together. We will be reflecting on our past, present, and future building a series of timeline banners. We are at the beginning of another new chapter at St. Dunstans, and it will be written by all of us working together.

Yours Truly,
Elizabeth Hinkofer

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