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What Are We Built to Do?

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ― William G. T. Shedd

I thought about the quote above when I built the pie chart for our Vestry meeting last Sunday. You could easily substitute the word “church” for “ship” in that sentence.

Look at the list to the right of the pie chart. Read those words. Currently we do not budget for growth in our ministries. Every single cent of your pledges is spent on taking care of business: our operating expenses (salaries, utilities, etc.) and Diocesan assessment.


Notice that the Tent City meals and Community Dinner are not on the pie chart. No, those are totally supported by the tip jar on Sunday and the donation can on Tuesday! This is wonderful, and I am so grateful. It seems like a miracle that each week we are able to feed almost 200+ people with support.

But—I hope this year to add a new item line for Stewardship, Outreach, and Ministry. My hope and fervent prayer is that when your Vestry sits down to budget for 2015 in December and January, your support will provide not only for our campus, facility, and staff but for growing ministry to our community.

Our Feeding Programs have taken us beyond our walls; we are connecting with other ministries and community needs as never before. New members are coming because of this wonderful work. It is time our budget reflected our values—the courage, energy, and compassion that is alive within us now.

If you have not pledged as yet, please consider doing so. We can only plan a budget on our best estimate of income—that means we need your pledge cards. Think of them as prayers for future ministry.

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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