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We are still clearing things out, to prepare for the follow up fire inspection. This week, I met Keith Germain, our sexton, and we cleaned out and reorganized the areas where the cleaning supplies and equipment are kept. One of these is the closet next to the kitchen. The other, and more important, is the electrical room downstairs. This was on the inspection list—we had to clear the floor in front of the electrical panels. Keith and I did that, making room on shelves to store bathroom paper products. We also discovered some cleaning equipment we could discard and some, hidden away, that could be used. Whoo hoo!

schedule_8423cAnother project has been the reimagining of Room 10, formerly the AA Room downstairs. Only one AA group still met in that room, and they have now moved to Room 3. They are growing and need more space. Because the AA groups are almost invisible to us, I want to remind you that our church provides the space and environment that changes lives. Three different groups meet each week; twenty-five to forty members come together for each of these meetings. We don’t think of them as one of our ministries, but we should not lose sight of how important those meetings are to so many, many people.

So the AA groups are growing, and by helping them we provide the opportunity for another group to grow, our bell choir, directed by Karin Rogers. Today, with the help of Joan Mackie, TC3 campers, and Craigslist, Room 10 is now cleared out and ready for our bell choir! Whoo hoo!

Last Sunday, Joan Mackie, Liz Hinkofer, and I did a walk through, looking at Room 1, Room 9, and Room 10. We hope to move some more things around and make room for things to grow in the newly cleared spaces. Stay tuned! Whoo hoo!!

Karen Tynes
Senior Warden

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