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Pentecost service



The Service of Holy Baptism is conducted as part of the Holy Eucharist service on specific Holy Days throughout the church year. Baptism is a ritual of birth as a member of the Body of Christ. The congregation, family and friends present at this service all make promises to support the person (and their godparents) to grow and live as followers of Jesus. This is a truly communal commitment, so the parents or adult candidates for baptism are expected to be participants in the life of the congregation.

A minimum of one godparent is required for each child to be baptized. If more than one child in a family is to be baptized, the same person may stand as godparent to each. It is expected that godparents be baptized, practicing Christians. In the case of an adult to be baptized, the witness is called a “sponsor”. If some godparents or sponsors are unable to be present, other designated persons may repeat the vows on their behalf.

The parent(s) of children to be baptized, or the adult candidate, should contact the rector (206) 363-4319 to arrange a meeting to plan and prepare for baptism. At this meeting we will choose the date for the event, with a very strong preference for one of these four church calendar dates: